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Helluin [userpic]
Attack of the cosplay groupie
by Helluin (auronlu)
at July 31st, 2011 (09:15 am)

Hi! I've been stalking or lurking for years. I can't sew worth spit, but I admire Final Fantasy cosplays a ton.

Lately, partly to help me find some of my favorites again, I've started making pages on Final Fantasy (mostly X) Cosplays.

I'm linking to the photoshoots of some of my favorite cosplays -- mostly FFX, and in particular rare and secondary characters. You Otakon 2010 people rock my socks.

Also, for Final Fantasy X cosplayers -- since I know nearly every frame of that game -- I've started collecting and posting galleries of character screenshots with attention to the details of their in-game models. Want to know what the back of the costume looks like, which concept art never seems to show you?  I'm on it. For example, here's what I've got for gun mage cosplayers.


I hope these pages will be useful.

And I hope, someday, to wake up and find someone has done Lucil and Elma kissing in full battle armor atop live chocobos. A girl can dream, right? 


Posted by: sorayomi (sorayomi)
Posted at: September 8th, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC)

This is extremely helpful! I can definitely use these resources for future cosplays! Thank you so much for doing this! :)

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