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ffcosplay's Journal

Final Fantasy Cosplay
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All Members , Moderated
				Welcome to the community for FF cosplayers.
			The photo on the left/community icon features cosplayer Etaru,
				   with photography by Idolatry Studios.


	1. Do not flame. Please, if someone flames you in a comment contact the mods!
	   We don't continuously check comments on posts and so may miss something.
	2. Constructive criticism is okay, and is not a flame. If someone doesn't ask for it, try not to give it.
	   They may not want it. (Ask first.)
	3. Do not spam. Advertising your site or costume/accessories for sale is fine, anything else is not.
	   Please keep it FF related.
	4. No quizes! Post them in your own journal ;p
	5. If you and someone else get in a fight, please take it somewhere else. Don't involve the community.
	6. Please use the LJ-cut function, as not everyone has a fast connection.
	   If you need to know how please go here: How to use an LJ-Cut.
	7. This is a common sense rule. Just in case you get a harebrain idea to post pictures of someone else and claim
	   it as you... uh, don't. That is called identity theft, and we will call you on it. This rule does not include
	   posting pictures of a costume made for you by someone else or made by you for someone else, just try to credit
	   whomever made it or the person actually wearing the costume.
	   The consequences for breaking this rule are removal and banning from the community.
	8. Do not ask for other people's contact information here. That is a no-no, as it could be used for
	   malicious purposes, so I'm not even going to let that can of worms be opened.. If you ask, it will be deleted.

		     I think that's it.. soo enjoy the community and I hope its helpful. :3


			   khamryn/cloud_strife, maikaerin, serinance